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February 24, 2020


“What App?”

Written jointly by Riley Mai and Trang Nguyen, with additional reporting by Joshua Scott. For the past two years, Seattle Central College has been in the process of implementing a mobile app for the school in partnership with OOHLALA Mobile, a Quebec based mobile software company. Despite being available on both the App Store and

Inside Apparel Design: Making a Bomber Jacket

Apparel design student Rachel Crane let me follow her in the process of constructing a bomber jacket from scratch.  From moments of doubt to moments of success, her experience in the Seattle Central Apparel Design and Development program has been one that won’t leave her for the rest of her life. Crane planned to go

The Fairest Land of All

Once upon a time, in a land not too far from here called Pioneer Square, there was a set of stairs that led into underground enchantments. Only known to certain people, what these stairs led to was kept a secret from all others. This place would reveal a truth that the land would not be

Sheila Edwards-Lange

An Interview With the President of Seattle Central College

Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange explained that she introduces herself as the president of Seattle Central Community College, she said at an open forum hosted for faculty on May 17th. While Seattle Central College officially dropped “Community” from its name in 2014 to bolster the resumes of students graduating from the institution with bachelor’s degrees, Dr. Lange

The Rich History of Capitol Hill

Who are the elites of Capitol Hill? Most people who set foot on Capitol Hill are the elites; we make the heart of this place pump life into the streets here. People move through the streets of the neighborhood as blood does through veins, supporting life with its energy. I believe that everyone here is

Mundanity and Mania: A Day in the Life of SCC Security

Spend one quarter at Seattle Central and you’re guaranteed to see something strange. The most dramatic stories revolve around shifty people bringing concealed weapons onto campus. The usual addict shooting up in the bathroom or individual masturbating in the library no longer warrant a gasp – you’ll soon discover that it’s just the norm. But

Student Housing Building

Housing Options for International Students

After getting their acceptance form I-20 from the college of their choice and attaining an F-1 visa, international students have an important decision to make: where they are going to stay while abroad. Finding a good place in a completely foreign city is not easy and involves many factors. Students may want to stay with

Student at work

International Students Risk Visa Status for Illegal Work

According to U.S. immigration law, international students are only allowed to work on-campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week. Other than that, international students are not allowed to work off-campus without permission. However, US universities also have a special policy; if international students want to go to work, they must be legally employed

Student on Computer

Asylum Seekers Held in Tuition Limbo

Without in-state tuition grants, pending asylum applicants at Seattle Central College find it difficult to get an education. These are individuals who have fled war-torn countries, leaving everything behind to start a new life. Most of them are separated from their families and have to wait for years in the U.S to get their asylum

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