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September 18, 2020


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Watch the movie, “Good Night, and Good Luck” (2005), about Edward R. Murrow, the namesake of the Murrow College of Communication. You can stream it from a number of places online for $2.99. Pay attention not only to the main storyline, but to the values that drove Murrow’s choices and the way he went about his business.

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Testing Comments

There are some additional options out there to help Squeeze-Proof your commute. Uber is offering a $2.75 ride discount per trip traveling to and from major transportation hubs through February 15th. Use the code #commutesmart in the app to claim the discount. For further details and a list of eligible transit stations, click here. Lyft is

View of the Seattle Skyline from above the Alaskan Way Viaduct

Brace Yourself for the #SeattleSqueeze

The #seattlesqueeze is coming next week. Friday, January 4th, is when the first wave of traffic impacts will hit with the closure of on and off ramps to the viaduct near the stadiums, which is expected to affect traffic in the SoDo area significantly. Are you prepared for the changes to come over the next

Nicole Beijbom - Artist

Featured Student Artist – Nicole Beijbom

Seattle Central College is home to many diverse artists, some with a rich personal history of involvement with the arts. Other student artists have found their talents through an introductory or continuing education course here at Central. What all of these student artists have in common is a passion for their craft and a desire

Danni Askini

The Tribulations of a Trans Activist

  Seattle-based transgender activist Danni Askini has been rendered stateless since June 29th of this year, after being denied renewal of her U.S. passport by the State Department. Danni has been an outspoken and highly visible transgender rights activist for many years. Until just a few days ago, Danni was the Executive Director of the

Health Watch 2018

The peak of this year’s flu season is rapidly approaching, anticipated to be in full swing by December. As the weather turns colder, the sniffles from your classmates are getting louder. There are several things you can do now to prepare yourself for the season, including making sure that you’re informed about the basics. Influenza

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A Letter From The Editor

Hello gentle readers!  A brand-new academic year is in full swing here at Seattle Central, which I hope is treating all of you well thus far. To those of you just beginning your journey here at Central, I bid you a warm welcome. To those of you returning, welcome back. For us here at The

Local’s Guide to Vancouver

If you find yourself wanting a quick getaway but don’t much in the way of funds, there is a tempting option just a three hour drive away. Our friendly neighbour to the north has a beautiful, diverse, burgeoning city on the coast called Vancouver. Though, I am a little biased; I was born and raised

Seattle Central’s Sustainability Story

Ten years ago, there were no compost bins at Seattle Central, greenhouse gas emissions from utility use weren’t being tracked and there was no such thing as the Sustainability Council. While individual students, faculty, and staff cared about the environment and made pursuits towards conservation, there was not one staff member solely dedicated to overseeing

Questions From a College Dropout

At a glance, the fact that my dad worked as a ramp agent for the airlines before I had, and that he’d worked in security before both my brother had and I do now, seemed highly coincidental, even a little flattering–the ability to bond with our estranged father over shared experiences in employment. My relationship

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