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September 18, 2020

Posts by: Eugenia Montsaroff


911 Outages Leave Many Concerned

Thursday evening (at approximately 9:00 pm PST), many 911 callers failed to reach their local 911 call center in states across the country. At 10:01 pm that night, SeattleAlert sent out a message to all Seattleites with the subject “911 OUTAGE-MAJOR DISRUPTION” stating “If you have an emergency and cannot connect to Seattle 911, please


Danez Smith at Seattle Central

This Monday evening, Seattle Arts and Lectures opened the first event of their poetry series at Seattle Central’s Broadway performance hall. It was a sold-out gig studded with the stars of the Seattle poetry world that began with several short performances inspired by the works of award-winning poet and performer Danez Smith, followed by a


Troubling News from South Seattle College

On Tuesday, November 14, an ex-teacher and administrator at South Seattle College was arrested on charges of voyeurism. Gene Baker, the now ex-director of international marketing and outreach at South, rented out several rooms in his house to exchange students, all of whom were Asian women. According to one of these students, Baker had security


Veterans Day Open Mic

If you’re looking to give genuine support to military veterans this Veterans Day, consider stopping by the Rainier Arts Center. From 3:00 to 5:00 pm this Sunday, an “Open Mic/Town Hall” will be held there to encourage vets to share their experiences both in and out of the military. Event coordinator Jeb Wyman, an English


Open Your Mind, Save Your Dollars

Arts and theatre have a well-earned reputation for being too expensive for “regular” people; many can be upwards of $30 a visit — either to a museum or a performance — which is far too much for your average broke college student. Just because the sticker price of these tickets is so high, though, doesn’t


Seattle Arts & Lectures Comes To Central

This November, something new is coming to Seattle Central’s Broadway Performance Hall: Seattle Arts & Lecture (SAL), a nationally-known organizer of literary presentations and education programs, is bringing the 18th season of their Poetry Series to Central. Rebecca Hoogs, Associate Director of SAL and curator/manager of the Poetry Series says that the move is intended